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Aoraki (Male)

Aoraki (Male)

Aoraki is the Maori name for the tallest mountain in New Zealand. Located on the south island, this monument is home to skyscraping peaks, glaciers, icebergs, and permanent snow fields.


Get outside in a performance hat that is properly crafted for men on the move. Water-resistant material beads water away, low rise design keeps off your ears, and the bamboo headband wicks moisture to keep you dry. Durable, breathable, and ready for every adventure.


The PadSnap on the closure absorbs sweat, makes it more comfy while wearing backwards, and reduces the red line on your forehead. 


Available in Adult Female size as well. 


  • Interior

    Inside is a design inspired by the icebergs and glaciers that make Aorakai so special.

  • PadSnap

    Enjoy our unique design that extends the bamboo headband material onto the snapback closure. This allows for more comfort while wearing the hat backwards.


    It absorbs moisture, reduces discomfort from the plastic on your skin, and almost eliminates the red line you get across your forehead. 

  • Material

    The bamboo headband wicks moisture away quickly, adds ventilation, is softer than cotton, and it's natural properties help reduce odor.


    The crown and visor are made with a water-repellant blend that beads away water. 

  • Fit

    Low profile trucker hat = Does not come down onto your ears. A perfect fit with adjustable closure.