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2020 = Best Year Ever (somehow) + Hiking Gear

Puddles 2 Oceans started from us taking off

Our Family

during Covid in our“homemade” bus. The restrictions were making it hard to get outside in the Texas heat and we were all losing our minds a little bit. We needed to head for some cooler weather and open land that let us wander in the wilderness.

All of this would be a learning curve. We thought we packed the way we would live but we learned very quickly that road life is completely different than home life. The things you worry about were much more primal like how much water is left, how many more days til you have to do laundry, do you have enough food for a few days off grid, or propane since the temp drops so low at night. The days were hard but everyday was worth it. The memories made along the way made our COVID experience the best year of our life.

One thing we did find, is that there is no Amazon to rely on to get what you need within 24-48 hours. So, we were stuck with what the stores had to offer. Although we made it work, we found a few holes in the marketplace for products that we needed that weren’t offered.


This is how Puddles2Oceans was born.

One of the biggest gaps in the hiking gear market that we saw were hats, especially for females. I would go into every store looking for one that fit my head properly or worked for wearing my hair up in a ponytail. Although I settled at the time for what would work, it planted the idea that we need to make a ponytail hat. We need something that looks right on a female head. The male hat came from Chance needing something more comfortable to go around his forehead when he wears his hat backwards. The PadSnap idea came to mind. Especially when you are going SO MANY DAYS without a shower. By the time it was shower day, our hair even hurt.

So here we were, traveling through most of Colorado, stopping along the way for the items that we needed.

Being outside and hiking had become our life out there. Work in the morning and hike in the afternoon. The weather was perfect majority of the time, we did have a few hiccups where the heat was just too high for living in a bus and we needed to head for higher altitude to cool off. We also had days that we had to close off all the windows and crank the generator to get full AC through the bus and put a movie on. Each day was its own challenge but it was fun and different.

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