Purposefully Lost (Female)


High Ponytail Mountain Trucker Hat for Women

Made for Adventures from Mountain to Sea

Detailed Design

• This high ponytail trucker hat provides more comfort and keeps sweat from dripping down your back.

• Unique interior design that stands out and gives the coordinates to the photos location.

• Water-resistant material beads water away, low rise to keep it off your ears, and the bamboo headband wicks moisture to keep you dry.

• Durable, breathable, floatable, and ready for every adventure.

•High Ponytail Opening

• The patented PadSnap on the snapback is there to absorb sweat and to make it more comfy to wear backwards. It also reduces that red line on the forehead.


Sometimes we need to get lost. Walk into the woods, off trail, and see what we find. Explore the unknown and get lost on purpose. It may be the best thing in the end.
Look inside to find the coordinates to the photo's location.


• Low-rise to keep it off your ears
• 56cm circumference
• Available in Adult Male and Youth size as well so you can match!