Designer Trucker Hats and more

Puddles 2 Oceans designs high quality goods for outdoor adventurers.
Tackle the mountains, lakes or oceans with our mens performance trucker hats, women's ponytail hats, mature styled kids hats, and water bottles with storage containers.

Sip n Seek Water Bottle

See more while carrying less.
Our 2 in 1 drink and snack combo bottle keeps you hydrated and holds essentials needed to keep exploring.

water bottle with storage

Water + Essentials = 1 Bottle
Twist Off Bottom Compartment
26oz. & 22oz. Options
6 Colors & 2 Sizes
3 BPA-Free Lids Included
Sealing Gasket Keeps Items Dry & Fresh
304 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed
Double-Walled Insulated

Women's Ponytail Trucker Hats

Keep sweat off your back and your hair up a bit higher. 
The high ponytail opening gives another option for the ladies on the move. 

Cool Trucker Hats with a Story

Inside our mountain trucker hats 
are the coordinates to the picture's
location and a unique interior.
These places are not easy to reach
and will grant a story in the end.

Hiking Hats with Patented Design

The PadSnap is our unique design to the snapback gives the comfort that has been missing. Absorbs additional moisture and makes wearing the hat backwards much more comfortable.

Water-Resistant & Bamboo Design

Water - Resistant Material
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Bamboo Headband Wicks Moisture Away
Breathable Mesh to Cool you Down
PadSanp Gives Extra Comfort on Hot Days
Unique Design Outside and Inside
Low-Profile Design and Lightweight
Thermal Fleece Lining (2 Designs)



Products that impact us all have a story. Something best told around a campfire.

Become a part of this story by joining us in giving back to the places that inspire us all.